The gaming industry is undergoing drastic changes in the past few years. New exciting game trends are invading the gaming industry every year with the advancements and developments in the field of technology. The video gaming industry is one of the most profitable industries in the market. The gaming market has surpassed all the benchmarks technically and commercially. Here are some of the modern trends in video games.

● Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go was the first game to use augmented reality. Millions of people were fans of the game even though it did not last long. Unfortunately, the game could not attract these fans for a long time. Even though Pokemon Go was a failure, it showed the power of augmented reality in gaming. The power of AR will be used in various games in the future. The gaming industry is already ready to witness the changes AR will bring to modern games.

● Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another technology that is expected to flourish in the gaming sector. Various gaming consoles and headphones are being developed to provide a more virtual environment. It can make it more engaging and the player will feel more involved in the storyline and game setting. VR allows you to see the different appearances of your friends in your room.

● Cross-Platform Gaming

Cross-platform video games are gaining wide acceptance in recent years. These games allow players to play them using multiple consoles and platforms. This trend is expected to grow in the coming years too. The demand for more accessible and flexible gaming experiences is increasing the popularity of cross-platform games. Cloud gaming services also allow gamers to access their favorite games using any device.

● Advanced Console Upgrades

Consoles are an unavoidable part of a gamer. However, with the developments in games and the advancement in technologies, old consoles have become outdated. Companies are therefore releasing new upgrades of their consoles to make them ideal to play the latest games. The upgrades are visible both in their hardware parts as well as their appearance.

● Rise In Mobile Gaming

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of human lives. While gamers used gaming consoles, computer systems, and laptops for enhanced gaming experience, it is the era of mobile gaming now. Gamers have started using mobile phones to play their favorite games. This trend is forcing mobile phone manufacturers to develop phones that can provide the best gaming experience to the players. Gaming-oriented smartphones have a separate demand in the market. They will be equipped with features ideal to improve the gaming experience.

● Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming or Gaas (Gaming as a Service) is still in its infant stage but is expected to bring huge revolutions in the gaming industry. They eliminate the requirement for expensive high-end hardware and provide remote access to all the gaming content. With 5G becoming mainstream, gamers won’t have to purchase games anymore. They can stream video games shortly, eliminating the need for downloading the games. It will also encourage multiplayer games at a low cost.

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