Rest Activities or How I Learned Getting Ready for the Dark Times Ahead

Greetings fellow Cultists of the Dreaming Sheikh!

In this update, we’d like to share some detailed information about our Rest System. As you probably know, resting in Stygian is not a just a mere tool for refilling your depleted stats in the blink of an eye but a defined side system of preparation, risk assessment and research. We, the folk at Cultic Games tend to do all these before going to sleep, don’t you too?

First things first! Let’s have a look at our Rest Screen:

Outsider does not socialize

In Stygian resting also represents the idle time your character and companions spend before going to sleep (or leaving for the Dreamlands). Each character has 5 Rest Points to allocate to a variety of activities which are connected to the acquired skills.

The descriptions of our Rest Activities are as follows:

Note: “Gouging your own eyes out” activity is discarded in the current build for balancing reasons.

Socialize: The character spends her time socializing with a companion, increasing the sanity of both party members.

Related Skill: Speechcraft

Keep Watch: The character stays awake and alert to possible dangers. Decreases the encounter chance while resting in Danger Areas.

Related Skill: Survival

Psychological Treatment: The character provides therapy to a mentally disturbed companion, raising the sanity of the target.

Related Skill: Psychology

Medical Treatment: The character provides medical treatment to herself or a companion, raising the health of the target. Requires Doctor’s Bag.

Related Skill: Medicine

Weapon Maintenance: The character performs maintenance on weapon to improve its performance until next rest.

Related Skill: Firearms or Melee

Physical Exercise: The character performs a series of physical exercises to improve physical endurance and ease the mind until next rest.

Related Skill: Athletics

Gambling: The character takes part in a gambling session in a suitable rest area, gaining Cigs in the process. If things go right…

Related Skill: Subterfuge

Scout: The character scouts the surrounding area for an escape route in case of ambush. The progression escape route will be opened more easily should the party get attacked.

Related Skill: Stealth

Reconnaissance: The character investigates the area to find the best spot to camp, providing a tactical advantage should the party get attacked.

Related Skill: Investigation

Pray: The character prays to the God of her faith, raising the sanity of the character. Requires a religious item.

Related Belief System: Divine

Read: The character reads a book or other publication in relation with her belief system, raising the sanity of the character. Requires a book.

Medical Research: The character searches for a formula by examining medical components in the inventory.

Related Skill: Medicine

Scientific Research: The character searches for a blueprint by examining science related crafting components in the inventory.

Related Skill: Science

Occult Research: The character studies a chosen tome, manuscript or artifact to gain more insight on the forbidden arts. Occult research is used for learning new spells along with identifying the powers and maledictions of artifacts.

Related Skill: Occult

Rest More: The character spends her remaining idle time by resting more, gaining additional health and sanity points.

Related Skill: None

The report screen you get after deciding on the activities

Our next stop is the updated Character Screen, ladies and gents. We aimed to create a detailed yet streamlined and functional design.

Blue highlights indicate the statistics affected by the character element you hover your cursor over

The right portion of the screen is dynamically designed to allow the viewing of Secondary Statistics, Perks and Abilites or ANGST tabs while preserving the primary statistics area of the screen. With this approach, we wanted to make the attributes, skills and other core character data always visible while checking other statistics such as perks for easier stat comparison and character progression.

No, we’re not done yet. We wanted to conclude our update by delving more into the realm of the unknown. At your discretion, we present you the Grimoire of Stygian:

Seeing any “magic torpedos” around?

Nothing further will be discussed about this issue since we already meddled with the dark forces enough…

Until the next update cult brethren!

Continue dreaming the glorious fall.

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  1. Frank Kirby August 20, 2017 @ 6:52 am

    Are you guys going to make a Discord Server so that we can interact as a community? This has been quite successful for other crowd funded games, such as System Shock, Phoenix Point, Legends of Ellaria, as well as many others. I’d love to join and chat with you and other backers and supporters in between updates.

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