Tunes from the End: The Music of Stygian

Greetings dear listeners of Radio New England,

In this update we’d like to give you more information about the composing process of Stygian along with sharing some of our haunted melodies with you. Our composer and long time collaborator Aslı Kobaner is working tirelessly on making the auditory world of Stygian blend with the other elements of the game, such as visuals and emotional themes.

Stygian’s composer Aslı Kobaner

Let’s hear her thoughts on the music of Stygian:

“Hi Friends! I’m Aslı, a servant of the Sunken Lord just like you.

The music that shall accompany you in your journey in Stygian will hopefully materialize through my humble agency. I’d like to underline the word “humble” since I can define myself as a humble gamer, though an old and avid Lovecraft fan.

In the beginning, when we started brainstorming about the musical essence of Stygian, we extracted some key words: mystery, haunting, occult, desolation, tragedy… Bringing our lonely, forsaken world to life has been and still is a challenging task to fulfill. Those key emotions that will probably help you being immersed by the strange worlds of Lovecraft also led me to explore their musical substitutes: from dense textures to simple melodies, repeating rhythms to droning ambiances, all kinds of functional material. Especially through juxtaposition of these, multiple layers of distinct material, I aim to emphasize the contrast between the different planes of Stygian, different phases of the Stygian experience, thus depict its colorful diversity. 

In this journey, I hope to take strength from the legacy of contemporary composers, as well as some cult examples of vintage game music. And of course, from the dark lore of metal that take its strength from our lord Cthulhu!”

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