Shattered Visages: The Portrait Art of Stygian

Greetings fellow heretics!

It seems we have reached our funding goal! We’ll see what the last week will bring but you should know one thing: We’ve achieved this together! Your support and enthusiasm always motivates us to do the best. Thank you!

Now, does this mean the updates will stop? Of course not! Let’s continue with our portrait and concept artist Ege Bilgen and what he’d like to share about his work on Stygian:

A previous work of Ege Bilgen

“Greetings worshippers and fanatics!

Perhaps some of you have noticed that a magnificent twilight is upon us.

Yes, it is indeed the sign of our encroaching doom; a beautiful storm of sweet, all-encompassing sorrow. As the maddening end draws ever nearer, let me express dear fans and supporters, what an honour and pleasure it’s been for me, your humble portrait artist Ege Bilgen, to have taken part in this dark journey thus far.

   All of our portraits are hand drawn by pencil before being scanned for the digital coloring process.

That’s right, I have been… innocently requested, shall we say, to create character portraits for Stygian (There wasn’t any form of dark ritual involved of course, let me assure you). Now you might inquire, how does one exactly proceed with such a task? What kind of process goes into capturing the tragedy of a burdened and afflicted soul?

Final version

Well, it all starts with an idea, a conceptual insight for a character. “An honorable yet beaten man, at the end of his ropes.” the dark voices whisper. “A woman, proud and wise, yet she underestimates.” Now the voices cackle gleefully. “This one’s a naughty one. He’s a natural. ” The voices hang heavy in my mind.

I receive many such depictions. After a slight moment of feeling sorry for what the Old Ones might have in store for them, I immediately begin to imagine. I imagine these souls first at their best. I see a heroic nod of assuring stoicism, or a euphoric smile of untainted joy perhaps. Then…well, then I take it all away.

The innocence fades, their dreams vanish, and dwindling hopes of absolution become ash in agonizing cries. Now in my mind’s eye I look at these characters again. I carefully look to see what’s left of them, and what precisely made them to go on. Sometimes the answer is quite reassuring, and sometimes… not so much. With a heavy heart then I try to make you witness as well, as far as my humble talents allow me to do so.

 A strange and hopeless twilight of madness is upon the world of Stygian, and as the characters there somehow keep fighting on, I tried to imagine them staring right into it. Some of them endured many grave losses which cannot be easily compensated. Some of them found new strengths of frightening darkness and intensity. As the portrait artist of Stygian, I hope I was able to capture and reflect all of this adequately, and you will enjoy what I have created for you, dear supporters.”

It’s a privilege to have talented Mr. Bilgen on board.

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