New Game Art: Giving Shape to Strange Visions

Greetings Fellow Dreamers of our Glorious Fall!

As you know, true art can only come from suffering (lot’s of hard work is a plus though). We’ve decided to make this update all about the new art assets of Stygian that we developed after the success of our campaign. For better or worse, you’re responsible for them! Take credit dear cultist.

Archetypal PC models with various stages of detail.

Textures and shadows are absent except the Investigator

As you can see we’re altering our characters to fit better with our vision of a more classically stylized game world.

And here you can see our new approach to character animations. We’ve changed our animation software, we’re now working full time with more animation artists and we’re extremely excited about what’s to come!

On the downside, we often find ourselves doing crazy looking body movements and gestures to express our characters to animators. We warn you, don’t make your best deep one moves in a glass office partition. People look

No texturing, test coloring.

Speaking of the deep ones, let’s check the evolution of our interpretation of the iconic creature. As you can see, the gills took most of the time!

Basic lighting tests in Riverside

Without darkness, there can be no light. On second thought,  forget about the light. It’s boring and almost non-existent in Stygian.

We’re working on a light engine for dark areas such as catacombs and crypts. Get ready to enter some combat scenarios holding your pistol on one hand and your good old lantern on the other!

Honest Bill’s Pawn Shop

There can not be an art update without a glimpse of our backgrounds, right? Just don’t ask about the fate of Honest Bill, we prefer not to talk about it…

And we’d like to conclude our update with a character portrait. Since we’re working on his dialogues these days, let us introduce you the owner of Schmidt’s Antiques, Isidore Schmidt. He has a thing for keys…

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