Beauty in Madness: Environment Art of Stygian

Greetings fellow admirers of the macabre!

In this update we’d like to give you more information on the creation process of our environment art along with sharing some images from different stages of production. Our environment artist Elwira Pawlikowska is responsible for breathing life into the eerie landscapes you’ll visit in Stygian. Her painstaking, authentic pencil drawing style and background in architecture made her the perfect choice for Stygian’s backgrounds.

Our environment artist Elwira Pawlikowska

Our creative director Can decided Elwira was the right choice after seeing such illustrations of the artist.

Let’s hear Elwira’s thoughts on the process:

“Hi there lone fighters against the forces of darkness! I’m Elwira - the environment artist responsible for giving the right shape to the Stygian’s settings.  

What was needed was a hand drawn 2D world reflecting the mood of Lovecraft’s universe, saturated with decay, hopelessness and madness.  

The first step was “research” ie becoming familiar with book and newspaper illustrations “from the era” (1920s), analyzing approach to contours, shading and texturing. It also meant browsing through plenty of images related with US industrial districts from the prohibition time and … photos of extremely weird mushrooms. 

The next step was making precise pencil drawings of my own designs (buildings, vehicles, plants, environment in general). After scanning them it was time for “digital inking” with a graphic tablet, which enabled the graphic crew to work freely with all the files, but also helped to maintain a retro feel.

Many visual aspects were already carefully thought out by the game designers  from the beginning, however there were still space for my imagination! The best moment was elaborating all the tiny little details of the ruined city, indicating, that something dreadful has happened there. As an architect of education I’m much more accustomed to creating than devastating. Thus creation of devastation for Stygian awoke dormant areas of my consciousness…”

It’s great to havc Elwira on board!

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