Animating the Horrors from Beyond

Greetings readers of the Arkham Gazette!

In this update we wanted to share some of our creature animations with you. We use a 2.5D (pseudo 3D) approach to breathe them life.

When a creature’s design is complete, we dissect it to its separate, movable parts and add a rig for building the skeletal system which is compatible with the creature’s anatomy and momentum of movement.

Then if the creature’s design is suitable for a touch of 3D  (like in Mi-Go, which literally has a sphere for a head :)) we add the necessary depth by making the forms more convex in a 3D software to have that illusion of three dimensionality.

Pickman Ghouls






Suppression of the Will (Mind Control Ability)


And lastly…

The sanity loss animation of the Outsider. Just because we love him 🙂

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